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Yerkesh Shakeyev was born 5 May, 1962 in Ruzayevka village in Kokshetau region, in Koken Shakeyev’s family, who was the First President of the Union of Akyns of Kazakhstan, and Honored Akyn.

Yerkesh Shakeyev, a songwriter, a composer of popular modern songs, a winner of the 3rd South Pacific international songwriting contest ‘Pacific Song Contest 1999‘ in Australia (3,000 applicants from 40 countries), a holder of a special award from the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters (B.A.C.S.) ‘Best European Entry’, a winner of Platinum Award Tarlan, a winner of All-Union Television Festival ‘Song of the Year’ at different times (Moscow).

Yerkesh Shakeyev got interested in music professionally in 1987 after he had won at the Republic Contest of Young Talents ‘Zhastar Daussy’ (first place and People's Choice Award). After that success, he was employed as a singer and songwriter to Arai Ensemble under Taskyn Okapov’s supervision.

-In 1989 he started his work for A-Studio music band.

First songs he wrote as a poet with the band became top hits (Stop, Noch! (Stop, Night!), Belaya Reka (White River), Soldat Lyubvi (Love Soldier), Sezon Dozhdei (Rain Season), Eti Teplyie Letniye Dni (These Warm Summer Days), etc.). The song ‘Nelyubimaya’ (Unloved) (music and lyrics by Y.Shakeyev) became a peak of their collaboration. It was a winner of the All-Union Television Festival ‘Song of the Year 95’ and later it was a top one in different music charts all over the CIS.

-In 1991, Christmas Meetings of Alla Pugacheva ended with a song with lyrics by Y.Shakeyev ‘Ostrov Nadezhdy’ (Island of Hope) which was sung by Russian pop stars (A.Pugacheva, V.Presnyakov, V.Chelobanov, A-Studio, etc.)

- He wrote an anthem for a popular television contest ‘Golden Disk’ – ‘Ya Veruy Muzyka – Spasseniye Dushy’ (I Believe the Music is Soul Salvation) sung by Kazakh pop stars.

- Since 1995 he has worked with L duet (Donna Ossen (Donna Autumn), Love story, Alma-Ata, etc.), with Musicola duet (Devochka v Platyitse Belom (A Girl in a White Dress), etc.).

- In 1996 he recorded his own song as a singer ‘Nikomu Tebya Ya Ne Otdam’ (I Will Never Let You Go) and recorded his own album ‘Kanyon Lyubvi’ (Love Canyon).

- In 1997 he wrote a popular song ‘Krestnaya Mat’ (Godmother) for Parviz Nazarov.

- In 1997 he wrote an album for Tolkyn Zabirova (Sygrai, Maestro, Tango (Play Tango, Maestro), etc.).

- In 1998 he wrote songs for Vladimir Stupin and arranged his participation in Asia Daussy International Contest (1 place) and International Contest of Singers in Turkish Pamukkale (2 place).

- With Y.Shakeyev’s song ‘Pervoye Utro Stolitsy’ (First Morning of the Capital City) a new capital city Astana was opened (it was sung by People’s Singer of Kazakhstan Nagima Yeskaliyeva and Baurzhan Issayev).

- In 2000 he participated in International Song Contest Songexpo in Holland and was awarded with a special medal (20 medals for over 1,000 applicants).

- In 2000 he started his collaboration with Rakhat Turlykhanov (Zimniye Livni (Winter Rainfalls), Assyl Azhe (Dear Grandma), Daylight between Us, in collaboration with English poet B.Pinny).

- In 2001 he started collaboration with Nurlan Bimurzin (Ona ne Takaya (She’s Not Like That), Ya Tebya Lyublyu (I Love You), Ne Rasstavaissya (Don’t Fall Apart)).

- In 2002 he created a project Diana (Gloria, Anda-Sanda (Sometimes), Priletai (Come Fly)).

- Since 2002 he has been writing songs for Batyrkhan Shukenov (20 Minut do Rassveta (20 Minutes before the Dawn), Ya Tebya Rissuyu (I Draw You), Revnivaya (Jealous), Tvoi Shagi (Your Steps), Vremya Lyubvi (Love Time), Vse Proidet (Anything will Pass), Kto (Who), etc.).
Dozens of albums were recorded with Yerkesh Shakeyev’s songs by popular Kazakh and Russian singers and music bands, such as A-Studio (with their three compositions), Batyrkhan Shukenov, Anita Tsoy, Musicola duet, L duet, Vostok, Nagima Yeskaliyeva, Rakhat Lukum, Rakhat Turlykhanov and many other pop stars.

Three New Year’s eves (1998, 1999, and 2000) Kazakh people celebrated with Y.Shakeyev’s songs (Saluyt! Novogodnyaya Noch! (Fireworks! New Year’s Eve!), Kazakhstan – Dom Rodnoy (Kazakshtan is My Sweet Home), Noviy Vek (New Century)). They were broadcast on television after congratulatory speech of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- In 2003 as a member of Kazakh team ‘Snezhnyie Barsuki’ (Snow Badgers), Y.Shakeyev climbed the highest African peak (Kilimanjaro), and in 2004 as a member of the first Kazakh Polar Expedition, he got to the North Pole.

- Y.Shakeyev also wrote an anthem for Children’s Academy of Martial Arts ‘S Nami Svoboda!’ (Freedom with Us!), an anthem of the Road Police of Kazakhstan ‘Ofitsery Dorog’ (Road Officers), a song dedicated to victories of Kazakh sportsmen ‘Chempiony’ (Champions), ‘Sport’, ‘Boks’ (Boxing), etc.; a song ‘Tsveti, moy Kazakhstan!’ (Blossom, My Kazakhstan!) for children’s choir ‘Yelim-Ai’ and Nurlan Abdullin.

Most music videos on national TVchannels since 1989 have been filmed for Y.Shakeyev’s songs.

- In 1989 and 2002 Yerkesh Shakeyev’s recitals took place in Almaty, and in 2003 he had a solo recital.

- In 2003 Y.Shakeyev’s works were awarded with Platinum Award Tarlan.

In 2002 Y.Shakeyev’s album ‘Vyssota’ (The Hights) with his most popular songs was recorded, in 2006 his book ‘Pesni, Stavshyie Stikhami’ (Songs That Became Poetry) appeared, in 2007 the first DVD album of Kazakh singers ‘Kollektsiya Khitov’ (Hit Collection) was recorded, in 2006 he recorded album of his songs ‘Turetskiy Yubiley’ (Turkish Anniversary) and in 2008 it was album ‘Ossen Snov’ (Autumn of Dreams).

- In 2007 he was awarded with a certificate at television festival ‘The Song of the Year 2007’ (Moscow) for his lyrics for the song ‘Begu k Tebe’ (Running to You) sung by A-Studio.

- In 2008 his song ‘Serdtse pod Pritselom’ (Heart at Gunpoint) sung by 101 music band became a hit

- In 2008 a song ‘Gorod nad Rekoy!’ (City over the River!) (music by F.Zakirov, lyrics by Y.Shakeyev) sung by Uzbek Yalla for Astana 10th anniversary celebration, was recognized as the best song about Astana. In 2012 he wrote a song about his hometown Kokshetau. He also wrote two songs about Almaty, a song about Chimkent, Ekibastuz and over fifteen songs dedicated to leading Kazakh companies (Kazakhtelecom, BTA, ‘Pesnya Neftyanikov’ (Oilmen Song), AlliancePolice, Food Master and many other songs)

- In 2009 CIS radio stations made popular song ‘Dusha’ (Soul) (music and lyrics by Y.Shakeyev, B.Serkebayev).

- In 2010 B.Shukenov’s two albums and A-Studio’s album ‘Volny’ (Waves) were recorded in Moscow with music and lyrics by Yerkesh Shakeyev

- Over the recent years, A-Studio’s song ‘Fashion Girl’ with lyrics by Y.Shakeyev has been actively broadcast; in collaboration with B.Serkebayev he wrote a song ‘Eto Voyna’ (This is War) for the 65th Victory Day. In 2012 Yerkesh started working with А.Tsoy, Ani Lorak, Laima Vaikule, and Zhuldyz.

- In 2011 and 2012 Y.Shakeyev filmed his first two music videos ‘Lyubi Menya’ (Love Me) and ‘Radioveter’ (Radiowind)

- The tremendous event for the country – Asiada in Almaty was closed with Y.Shakeyev’s song ‘Asiada-Kazakhstan’

- Y.Shakeyev wrote a song ‘Rodina Moya’ (My Motherland) dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan (lyrics in collaboration with K.Saparbayev, sung by Y.Shakeyev, B.Shukenov, N.Abdullin, A.Tregubenko, Aikyn); it is still very popular and broadcast by national channels.

- 5 May 2012, Almaty Akimat arranged recital dedicated to Y.Shakeyev’s 50th anniversary ’50 Hits by Yerkesh’ as a part of the Year of Culture, the same recital for the Capital City Day was arranged by Astana Akimat (7 July, 2012) and Akimat of Akmolinsk region (7 September, 2012). Singers from different countries (A-Studio, B.Shukenov, A.Tsoy, Ani Lorak, L.Vaikule, and Zhuldyz) came to greet the hero of the day. Arman Davletyarov, Misical Director of MuzTV Channel, came to greet his friend. Legendary British composer and film director Guy Fletcher came there from London.

- 1 October music video ‘Zazhigai Serdtse’ (Burn up the Heart) by Ani Lorak received airtime in CIS

- 3 September, 2012 he was awarded with the title of Honored Citizen of Kokshetau, his hometown

- 5 December, 2012 he was awarded with the Honored Title of the Honored Man of Arts of Kazakhstan under the President’s Decree

- In the summer of 2013 the song "Light the Heart 'performed by Ani Lorak won the Russian TV channel RU.TV Music Award in the category" Best Encyclopedias "

- On September 15, 2013 EMA Award Erkesh Shakeev won in the category "Best Composer" award was presented by legendary French singer Charles Aznavour

- September 27, 2013 in Kiev, the presentation of Ani Lorak 's new album "Light the Heart"

- October 26, 2013 Kazakh singer Zhuldyz presented her new album "From the Heart " in the style of classical crossover, all eleven songs written by Yerkesh Shakeyev.

December 7th, 2013 at the Olympic Sports Complex in Moscow Yerkesh Shakeyev was awarded the annual TV Festival Song of the Year with the song "light heart" performed by Ani Lorak. Previously, he was a laureate of the TV Festival in 1995 with the song "Unloved" by the group A-Studio, in 2006 with the song "March evening" by Lima Vaikule and in 2010 with the song "Fashion girl" with the band A-Studio

- Since January 2014 began a collaboration with a famous musician and conductor Marat Bisengaliyev.

- In the period from May 12 to July 10, 2014, in London at the world-famous studio "AIR studios" and "Abbey Road" recorded album "Inception", consists entirely of works by Y. Shakeyev. Recording took place with the participation of the legendary London Symphony Orchestra performed the solo violin Marat Bisengaliev.

On 17th of January 2015 in London, the Concert Hall of LSO St'Lukes held special concert of Yerkesh Shakeyev's compositions, works of composer were performed by the famous London Symphony Orchestra, concert was broadcasted online in the Internet.

Well-known master and chief conductor of the Berlin Symphony orchestra maestro Lior Shambadal was conducting orchestra. The famous English Director Matthew Woodward filmed the concert.

On 5th February 2015 in Mumbai (India) at the Opera House Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, and on 8th February at the largest arts festival in Mumbai Kala Ghoda Open Air, music of Yerkesh Shakeev was performed by Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI), more than 10 000 spectators had a chance to listen music created by composer.

On 20-21st of March 2016 in London at the Abbey Road Studios 1 another recording of the Yerkesh’s music for solo piano was successfully proceed, compositions of composer were performed by the World-renowned British pianist John Lenehan, who were acclaimed by New York Times for flair and virtuosity and by the London Times for his "masterful performance" . British expert Jonathan Allen, whose works received various Grammy, Gramophone Awards and the prestigious BAFTA 2013, was sound producer of the recording. The recorded album was called «Celestial» and consists of 12 pieces.

On 10-11th of September 2016 at Abbey Road Studio 2 17 Yerkesh’s works for cello and piano were successfully recorded, the pieces were performed by famous British master-cellist Alexander Baillie and pianist John Lenehan. Grammy nominee Chris Cracker was sound producer of the recoding.

On 16-17th of January 2017 at Abbey Road Studio 1 recording of 15 compositions for orchestra and choir was successfully proceed. This time performance was proceed by famous London Metropolitan Orchestra and London Voices choir. Andy Brown was acting as conductor of orchestra and choir. About 100 people were performing and taking part in this recording. Sound producing of the recording was given to Winner of the Grammy Award Steve McLaughlin.

On 19th of May 2017 at Abbey Road Studio 1 recorded 10 compositions of Yerkesh Shakeyev with London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the famous British conductor: Richard Balcome. Sound producer was the Grammy Award nominee - Chris Cracker.

02 02  2017
On 10-11th of September 2016 at Abbey Road Studio 2 17 Yerkesh’s works ...
02 02  2017
On 17th of January in London, the Concert Hall of LSO St'Lukes held special concert of Yerkesh Shakeyev's compositions...
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